Magic Kits Perfect for Beginners

Oftentimes new magicians can be overwhelmed with the options available to them for tricks and gimmicks. Though there are plenty of tricks that can be done with household objects without spending any money, eventually most every magician will take the trip down to his local store that sells magic to purchase some illusions.

One option is to purchase a Online magician hire. Magic kits come with multiple tricks at a lower price than if the tricks were all purchased separately. Many of these kits cost fewer than ten dollars, and they are an excellent option for starting magicians, especially children.

The Empire Magic Collection kits are a great place to start for beginners as they cost under ten dollars. These sets come with four tricks that include some unique illusions and some classic tricks that have been favorites for years.

Most Unbelievable Magic Show comes with over fifty tricks and is one of the best starting kits out there for children. It even comes with the endorsement of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the world’s largest magical organization. Tricks in this set include cups and balls, the oldest trick in magic, a magic wand that does tricks itself, and a box for making items vanish and reappear.

Soc-O-Magic makes some inexpensive magic sets which really stand out in their price range. Most of the props in these sets can be used to perform real illusions that are performed by professional magicians all over the world. Each kit contains eight props and these include Svengali Decks, cups & balls, magic wands, trick rope, and coin sliders.

Eddy Magic sets are great for the same reason Soc-O-Magic ones are. There are a few variations, all come with about ten tricks, and they include time-tested, solid tricks like cups & balls, rope tricks, mind reading, and rings.

TheĀ  Magic Set includes ten tricks and this set is put together really nicely. It includes some mind reading tricks, which aren’t that common in magic kits geared towards children. It also includes a change bag and a multi-colored scarf, two tools that magicians have been using for years now.

The Mindfreak Ultimate Magic Kit is an impressive piece of work. According to he handpicked or created all of the illusions in this kit himself. It contains over five hundred tricks that range in skill level from complete beginner to very advanced. This kit is the priciest one here, but it will keep you entertained and you won’t get bored with it as you progress in skill level. Plus you can do cool illusions like levitating yourself and floating cards around with it.

These magic kits are just some options when buying tricks for a new conjurer. However, they do tend to give you better entertainment for value that buying individual tricks simply because of how many tricks the sets include. The Fantasma Most Unbelievable Magic Show is the real stand out here, with over fifty tricks for under twenty dollars. Any of these kits will be sure to delight the aspiring young magician.


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