Insulin: The Magic Bullet Of Low Dose Chemotherapy – The Hidden Role Of Insulin In Curing Cancer

Insulin Potentiation Therapy, a true stage IV, low dose chemotherapy, has been with us for 70 years. With Insulin Potentiation Therapy, chemotherapy drugs can be administered in such low doses that the patient is virtually unaware of getting them, avoiding all the commonly debillitating side effects of our standard American chemotherapy. Its successes overseas have been nothing short of astonishing as all the while, American oncologists decry their limitation in “targeting” cancer cells.

Mainstream oncologists understand very well how to target cancer cells. They do it all the time with PET scans,  dmso cream uses  to locate cancer in the body. Here the patient is given a solution of sugar water containing a radioactive substance. Cancer cells are ravenous for sugar. They absorb up to twenty times the amount of the sugar required by healthy cells. So when the patient drinks the radioactive sugar water, the cancer cells grab that sugar along with the radioactive materials, allowing them to show up bright and clear on the x-rays.

The conventional treatment for cancer here in the U.S. is to inundate the body with powerful chemotherapy agents which then meander indiscriminately about, killing or damaging every cell they encounter, and incidentally, destroying a few cancer cells with each infusion of these very lethal drugs. The sad fact is, that chemo drugs, administered in the conventional way, do not readily permeate the cancer cells as they wreak havoc throughout the body, causing their horrific side effects and immeasurable damage.

Clearly it would be very desirable if cancer’s hunger for sugar could be used to cause it to self-destruct. Why could this property of cancer not be used to carry a lethal dose of poison directly to the cancer cells, avoiding the usual scatter gun approach of using insanely large doses of chemo drugs in the hope that some of them will find their way to some of the cancer cells?

If American oncologists were truly interested in finding a way of doing this, they would not have to look far. Several methods for accomplishing this end already exist and have been used in Europe and Latin America for years. The problem is that 90% of the market for chemo drugs would be wiped out overnight if these methods were universally adopted in this country. Therefore, the chemo business is vigorously opposed to the implementation of any of these kinder, gentler therapies and loses no opportunity to discredit them, enlisting the help of the FDA, Quackwatch, bought politicians and bureaucrats to rally behind them in hysterical opposition.

Low dose chemotherapy, targeting cancer cells directly, was developed in Mexico 70 years ago by Dr Donato Perez Garcia. Since its inception, it has undergone many changes until today it is a very safe, effective cure for cancer available from only a very few courageous, low profile doctors here in the U.S. Insulin Potentiated Therapy is rapidly becoming a vexing nuisance to our conventional cancer business.

When Insulin Potentiated Therapy was first begun, it put the patient into a short term coma. This problem has since been eliminated, along with other negatives that the therapy’s opponents only wish they could cite. Today, Insulin, the body’s own hormone, is being used with extreme safety, as the key to a cancer cure.

Insulin manages the delivery of glucose across cell membranes into the cells. Cancer cells, with their multitude of insulin receptors on their surface, draw insulin like an iron bar draws a magnet. This opens channels in the cancer cell, admitting nutrients, and along with these nutrients, any medication or drug riding on them. The extreme need the cancer cell has for sugar is the key to its own destruction.

When insulin is administered to a patient, blood sugar levels plunge. Healthy cells then shift over to fat metabolism, but cancer cells are unable to do that. Cancer cells rely almost entirely on sugar metabolism, and when deprived of sugar, they go into emergency mode and open all their membranes in order to absorb the sugar they so desperately need. To fill that need then, a nice dose of glucose is given to the patient intravenously, along with a dose of chemo drugs sufficiently lethal to the cancer cells to kill them directly. Very little – less than 10% of the conventional chemotherapy dose – of the chemo drug is needed because every bit of it goes directly to the cancer cells.

With the justification of an “insulin coma” now removed, orthodox medicine has no excuse for its failure to support IPT. It is faster working, far more effective and has virtually zero side effects. And its “true cure rate” is much much higher than orthodox medicine”s 3% true cure rate

Most foreign clinics that use Insulin Potentiated Therapy, enhance its effectiveness by combining it with DMSO Potentiated Therapy. DMSO binds to chemotherapy, then insulin opens the cancer cell membranes to the chemotherapy. This is a very potent combination of treatments denied us here by those who put their own profits ahead of the healing art they swore to pursue..

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